Shower Songs?

Riccardo asked me a long time ago for my three shower songs. With my crazy absence, I had completely forgotten about our (thanks to me failed attempt) weekly music challenge. Turns out, every time I shower, I sing something different.

In case it hasn’t come across yet, I am of an extreme random nature. I am the type of person who goes from the sweetest melody to the loudest screamo and equally appreciate it. So here we go, not my top 3 songs but the ones I sang today.

We Are Scientists – Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

John Mayer Trio – Another Kind of Green

Radiohead – Talk Host Show

(I cannot stand romances and all yada yada poo poo but absolutely love Romeo and Juliet, go figure!

Music Carousel: Wrapping Up 2014

Happy New Year

2014 was a fantastic year, even though I have been blogging for 15 years, I started my first anonymous blog this summer, yes my Sugar-coating Since ’91. I have found fantastic bloggers who are very inspiring in many ways.

The last Music Carousel theme for 2014 is obviously to select 3 songs that symbolised this year (symboliSe Riccardo!). I have been living under a musical rock most of the time but here we go… I’m going for things a bit more commercial than usual but well, it’s what I remember from this year and no one really cares. Music is music.

Ed Sheeran – Photograph

I decided to select the acoustic version because well, it sounds better than the album… Although Ed Sheeran had bigger hits this year, this one is my favourite of them all even though the lyrics are a bit…

Slash – World on Fire

Probably not as mainstream as the previous one, this song is full of energy, not to mention that Myles (from Alter Bridge) has great vocals – if you are into this genre I suppose. Great stuff.

Frozen – Do You Want To Build A Snowman

Leaving the best one for last for personal reasons…So my 7 year old niece absolutely loves Frozen and she spent the entire year singing this (and Let It Go). We watched Frozen for Christmas as I bought her the DVD and she had the exact same level of excitement as when she first watched the film. Delightful memory, definitely the best out of 2014. Oh! Riccardo, I could have used this for the storytellers…

I hope you have all been able to have exciting experiences, learn and grow in a way or another. I hope you have had the opportunity to make new memories and most importantly, I hope you are preparing for the New Year with a big smile on your face.

Happy New Year everyone!

4 – Duets

I’m not great with duets which is a big reason why I have selected it as challenge no 4’s theme and I am very curious to see what Riccardo will come up with! For more information about our music challenge, check this page. Bear with me, it’s still being updated!

Pink and Steven Tyler – Misery

Pink and Steven Tyler came together to what I call an almost perfect combination. Their voices blend in beautifully and it inspired me to come up with the ‘Duets’ theme. I am curious to see what is out there that could also inspire me and I need to update my duet list (I don’t have one). I have embedded the live version rather than the album version because it sounds so raw, I simply had to.

Tracy Chapman and Luciano Pavarotti- Baby Can I Hold You

It’s funny, I was going to choose Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s The Prayer. However, whilst on Youtube looking for a good quality video, I somehow stumbled upon this song and I decided to publish it instead. I honestly hadn’t heard it before as a duet, only the original. I like this song and I like both musicians, so getting this was interesting. First song I’m adding to my own challenge that I didn’t know before!

Placebo and David Bowie – Without You I’m Nothing

I’m a Placebo fan. I love their old tunes, I could listen to it everyday – and I used to. Without You, I’m Nothing comes from an album that I highly appreciate and I like their lyrics a lot. I feel as though as I have cheated to a large extend by showcasing this song when it is more of a Placebo song featuring the great David Bowie rather than a duet. I like it so I’ve left it for last to make up for the cheat!

I’m unclean, a libertine
And every time you vent your spleen,
I seem to lose the power of speech,
You’re slipping slowly from my reach.
You grow me like an evergreen,
You never see the lonely me at all
Take the plan, spin it sideways.
Without you, I’m nothing.

My Previous Entries:

1 – Unusual Love Songs
2 – Acoustics
3 – Karaoke

3 – Karaoke!

Quite ironic. I love music, I love singing and everything that comes with it. On the other hand, I cannot stand singing in public, not because I am shy but because I find it pointless – or maybe I think I suck! Call me hopeless, I fail to see the underlying logic and I usually find annoying people who sing around all the time. Same applies to professional dancers who cannot handle to listen to a tune on the radio of a shopping centre without making a move. It annoys me. What can I say?

You may be wondering now, why am I blabbing about not enjoying singing in public… Well, it wasn’t random. Riccardo asked for the three songs I would happily queue up to sing, whether as karaoke or a fancier approach (like a performance, yes). Again, I simply wouldn’t… I do like challenges though so, here we go!

1) Queen – I Want to Break Free

This is the first song that comes to mind when I don’t want to do something. I just “want to break free”. It makes me smile and I had to select it.

2) Norah Jones – Painter Song

This song pops in my head very often. It’s surreal. As someone who isn’t keen on lovey dovey songs, this post could definitely allow anyone to beg to differ. Having said that, I do appreciate Norah Jones’ simplicity and calm tone of voice.

3) Counting Crows – Accidentally in Love

No, it’s not because of Shrek’s donkey. I like the energy in this song. I like to sing this with my guitar on my lap and tap on it and have fun. The lyrics are slightly boring I must admit.

Next Theme:

Riccardo, I challenge thee! Duets!
Doesn’t matter how old they are. Whether it’s an original or a cover. Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s featuring two different musicians. I’ve already selected mine but I want to at least read your karaoke post beforehand.

Join our music challenges! Simply write about it and tag me and the Laugh Again gentleman so we can at least read your post. This will also help us get you further involved in setting your own challenges.

My Previous Entries:

1 – Unusual Love Songs
2 – Acoustics


2 – Acoustics

Challenge 2 – Acoustics

Last challenge, Riccardo chose Unusual Love Songs. Now that it is my turn, I have chosen Acoustics purely because it is simple yet amazing. I also added as a little twist to avoid using our favourite artist. The main reason why I suggested this is because, unquestionably, John Mayer is my favourite musician and I would have made the entire challenge about him.

Since Riccardo thought I meant all top favourite artists, I have decided to make some changes on my original post. There are three songs with ** these have just been added. I could have deleted the other songs but I have decided to keep it.

City and Colour – As Much As I Ever Could
Dallas Green, the City and Colour lad, was extremely known in the post-hardcore/underground scene with his band Alexisonfire. Some people listen to City and Colour now and have no idea that yes, Dallas was our Alexisonfire lead vocalist. Although I liked the band, his voice truly shines here. Raw vocals, great lyrics and arrangements.

Staind – Schizophrenic Conversations **
Aaron Lewis is Staind’s frontman. This song is brilliant, that’s all I am prepared to add. No, I am not schizophrenic.

30 Seconds to Mars – Was it a Dream? **
The first time I heard of 30 Seconds to Mars, I was quite shocked because I knew Jared Leto as an actor and I didn’t expect to like his voice, but I do. His voice live is fantastic which, in my personal opinion, shows the real talent out there-applicable to all artists. Random fact: met him 7 years ago, I did not act like a fangirl, I swear!

Bleed the Dream – Should Have Known**
Possibly the least known out of all other songs in this post… This song fully fits my current state of mind which… sucks (except for the bit settling scores… I’m too old for that juvenile behaviour haha! :-D)

Paul McCrane – Is It Ok If I Call You Mine?
From the cinema monster Fame, I have always liked this song and it was one of the first that popped my mind when I selected Acoustics. Its simplicity makes me smile.

Pink – Who Knew
Pink has an amazing voice and when she sings just with an acoustic guitar, you can really feel how strong her voice is. A true talent.

Amy Winehouse – Love Is a Losing Game
So turns out I like Amy Winehouse, I always thought she was very talented despite going bonkers. I didn’t select this song, it selected me. Whilst I was thinking of songs three days ago when I originally wrote this post, my iPod (on shuffle) started playing this and I thought to myself ‘Ah, there we go.’

Riccardo, what’s the next theme? As you will be able to see, I have removed the word weekly here so we can post as often as we like. I should have more time in hands to post from this week onwards.

1- Weekly Music Carousel: Unusual Love Songs

The Weekly Music Carousel is a new music inspired challenge to explore new songs and artists as well as discuss preferences. This week’s theme chosen by Riccardo is ‘Unusual Love Songs’. Unusual is a subjective concept and it is a bit difficult to tackle. Thus, I have decided to go for love songs that, in my opinion, are not very commercial.

1) Who Are U – David Fonseca

David Fonseca is a Portuguese singer who usually sings in English. From my common knowledge, and I refuse to Google him, his career started in the 90s with a band that I quite like named Silence 4. ‘Who Are U’ is a very unusual love song and I shall leave a link for the lyrics here. You will surely understand what I mean. I think it is a beautiful song and I am sure David Fonseca’s name will come up again in the Weekly Music Carousel.

2) Yours Forever – Etro Anime

Etro Anime is a band that no one I know ever heard of. Despite the fact that I have no idea whether they are still alive, I stil listen to their ‘old’ tunes quite a lot. I just love their music. I must also point out that I quite like the meaning of their name: ‘to be infinite in spirit’. Yours Forever’ has a nice vibe to it but I don’t think a lot of people will be into it. Lyris can be found here.

3) The Lover – Alesana (WARNING: Plenty of screams)

Call it rock, call it post-hardcore, metalcore or screamo; Alesana cannot be categorised as a one genre band. Although I do not listen to their music as much as I used to a few years ago, I thought this song would be a winner for this theme. The Lover’ is a song from their conceptual album named The Emptiness which was inspired by the great poet Edgar Allan Poe. The entire concept behind this song ticks all boxes under what ‘unusual’ could possibly mean to you. The lyrics can be found here for your bemusement.

If you have read this far, leave a comment, let me know your thoughts on the songs I have selected. Moreover, feel free to join us in this Weekly Music Carousel.

PS: Riccardo, we need a tag for this other than ‘WeeklyMusicCarousel’ – too long! I will get the new theme published here by Sunday so you can write it then. Alternatively, we could add our theme at the end of each post. Let me know which one you prefer, I’m fine either way.