You Goddamn Coward

Three years have gone past and I still remember you.
I still remember the smell of your cologne, it works as a trigger for flashbacks.
I still remember your smile, very Grinch alike.

I still remember how you made me feel. How you worked your magic and groomed me. Yes, three years have gone by and I still remember.

I still remember how I felt when you threatened, blackmailed, and used me for your own selfish benefits.

I was young, I was naive. I was unexperienced in so many aspects of life and you were a figure of power, someone to look up to, someone who should have never taken advantage of any of us.

Yes, us. Now I know it wasn’t just me. But there is nothing I can do about it. I’ve finally stopped feeling powerless, after three years. I’ve learnt to move on and feel okay. But your cowardice transcends it all.

Yes. You are a coward. A goddamn coward and I believe in karma, which will kiss you one day.